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Education Lawyers & Advocates

Education Law

School districts, charters, private schools and universities are well represented by large law firms specializing in defending against claims of parents and students. Parents facing a refusal of services, inappropriate discipline, or other actions which negatively affect their children need experienced representation on their side. Our office has met with great success in securing for parents and children the services and protections the law provides.

Our special education law practice is strictly limited to the representation of parents, children and select private schools and organizations serving the community of children and young adults with disabilities. We consider this community of families to be our community. No member of our staff has ever litigated on behalf of school districts against the interests of Parents and Children with disabilities.

In school discipline matters, our priority is preserving the child’s future.

Ilene Young Law Offices is On Your Side

Ilene Young’s experience in special needs law combines with her civil and courtroom experience to represent the interests of children, students and their parents. The attorneys and staff of our office all have direct and meaningful advocacy backgrounds with the community of disabilities. We pride ourselves on being strong advocates for the rights of children.

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Education Law Areas of Focus

A more detailed breakdown of some topics covered by our practice. We represent parents and students in all Pennsylvania districts, charters, private schools, intermediate units, and universities.

Special Education

  • IEP Development
  • Independent Evaluation
  • Early Intervention
  • School Aged Services
  • Private School Placement
  • Settlement Negotiation
  • Due Process Hearings
  • Federal and State Appeals
  • Section 504 Discrimination and Retaliation
  • Manifestation Determinations

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Discipline, Suspension, Expulsion

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Zero Tolerance Issues

Gifted Education


Immigration Issues in Education

School District Juvenile or Children & Youth Referrals

Wrongful Dismissal from Higher Education

Civil Rights Violations

Higher Education and High Stakes Testing

  • Scholarship Defense
  • Accommodations
  • Degree/certificate Defense
  • Dismissal Defense

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Location: 670 Woodbourne Road
Suite 302
Langhorne, PA 19047

Telephone: 215-750-9500

Email: info@ileneyoung.com

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